5 Big Mistakes that Chase Away Your Website Visitors

5 Big Mistakes that Chase Away Your Website Visitors

Having visitors stick around on your website can be quite difficult.

There are a lot of factors that play into the engagement of your visitors. From how the website is designed, to the copy that your website uses. Even to this day, most businesses make these 5 common mistakes that chase visitors away from your website.

Your Homepage Is Disturbing

Your homepage is the most important part of your website, it’s where visitors first land and their first impression is made. A homepage that is cluttered with a lot of unnecessary elements may put off your visitors and confuse them. Even the use of fonts on your homepage matters. Too many different fonts and uneven sizes, will strain your visitors eyes and they’ll just click away.

Your Navigation Bar Is Confusing

Go to any famous website, you’ll probably find that their navigation bar is always at the top. Clear and precise for visitors to hover over and click. You’ll also notice that each links is categorize in a logical way. A navigation bar with primary pages being categorised in a way that makes your visitors struggle to find, will make visitors jump off your site as quick as your website loads.  Primary pages are pages that your visitors engage more in and stick around for

Your Social Media Link Is Hard To Find

Social Media is a no-brainer marketing tactic for any business looking to engage in a market directly. It’s the place where businesses establish a form of trust and worthiness of their brand to the market. If your business relies on social media, avoid having your social media links be hard to find on your website. It should be very obvious and easy for visitors to click through

You Don’t Use Call-To-Action Buttons Effectively

Websites today are making sure that their call-to-action is placed almost everywhere on their site. Guiding your visitors to every important part of your website with a call-to-action. Eg, find out more, book now, contact us. A website that has a clear flow and navigation won’t do much, if your visitors aren’t sure what to do next to buy into what you’re selling.

Your Website Uses Stock Photos

Using stock photos may be fine for a temporary arrangement, but its not going to work out for the long term. A lack of authenticity will rub off your visitors the wrong way. It gives off the impression that your website or business may not be legit. Take the time and money to invest in original photos you can use that makes sense to your business and shows the best parts of your brand. Put your website to the test with these 5 big mistakes that chase your visitors away from your website. If there is even 1, it can make a huge difference in how your audience sees your website.

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