Why Food & Beverage Industry Need Digital Marketing More Than Ever

Why Food & Beverage Industry Need Digital Marketing More Than Ever

Almost everyone has the moment where they want to spend their own quality time by going out and enjoy their life likes there is no tomorrow. Besides, who doesn’t loves going out and enjoy the only TGIF, right?

From the snack bar to fine dining, to the rooftop bar happy hour, what’s not to love? The way of food and beverage industry markets to their targeted audience has kept on evolving and hanged over the past years. From the newspaper ads to word of mouth and now to digital marketing, it is just another way to muscling their business into the spotlight.

Why Digital Marketing – What So Special About Digital marketing?

With the rapid change and evolution of modern technologies, small and medium businesses of the F&B industry are doing everything they can to keep up and stay relevant in the competitive business world.

Even the brick-and-mortar businesses are started to either change their business models to a more online platform or beefing up existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies – in an attempt to capture the fast-growing and lucrative online marketplace.

Over the past years, digital marketing influenced over a billion restaurant visits. That goes without saying that digital marketing has proven to make a massive influence on the way as consumers decided where to eat every day.

Are you in the F&B industry and not sure how to market your business online to reach your ideal targeted market? Please rest assured and keep reading! These are the top trends and benefits of digital marketing in the F&B industry that you will expect in 2019.

Benefits of Digital Marketing to F&B Industry Companies

1. Online Brand Awareness

When it comes to social media, it’s always the best platform to showcase your restaurant or new menu promotion to your followers. Just tapped a new beer? Create your new video post sharing the new seasonal brew and welcoming new customers into your place of business.

Want to increase your business revenue? Start producing videos and sharing on social media platforms.

Do not underestimate the power of social media. Here is the thing, video has the influence an increment of revenue growth up to 49% for businesses faster than those who don’t share videos at all.

It literally helps to create the buzz in a very inexpensive way of promoting your product or service. With this very accessible trend right at your fingertips, then what are you waiting for? Get your smartphone and start to get creative now!

2. Reach Your Demographic with PPC

You may ask, how can you reach your targeted market or audience effectively? Well, with the dynamic search campaigns through Google AdWords, this will let you reach out the right age group and location of your audience.

However, before that, you need to identify with your target market and core mile radius to get the highest foot of traffic into your store.

By inserting the keyword “restaurant stores near me”, it does show not only the exact location but also, Google Business rating, new product promotion as well as the business hour.

3. Increase ROI with Email-Blasting!

With email consumer marketing increasing from time to time, the ROI can be something quite inspiring. With the developing return rate of email, how are you going to manage your next email campaign?

  • Seasonal Events and products
  • In-house contests and promotions
  • Personalisation and exclusive “club” incentives

All of these above are the reasons to promote your business online and establish a rapport with your readers. Be more engaging with your subscribers by offering something exclusive and appealing that triggered their interest.

Eventually, this will create a sense of “community” mentality and influence your subscribers to forward to their friends!

4. Grow Organically

For over the years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved continuously and don’t think that 2019 will be any different.

The trends are changing within SEO, and that’s including the use of local search. Have you ever found yourself searching for services including the keywords of “near me”? In fact, the local searches are gaining importance and have double up since the past year.

Moreover, mobile search also has become a significant factor in the local search. The study had shown that there are 40% of local searches for food and beverage were conducted on a mobile device in recent years. Therefore, it would be wise to ensure that web content is also optimised with the local keywords.

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