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WordPress SEO

Yes, your WordPress website design have a great impact on SEO.

That’s the reason why we are not taking every SEO jobs. For some websites that are badly designed (not mobile responsive, slow loading, hosting without https, irrelevant content, zero on-site optimization and etc), the best way to get search engine organic ranking is to redesign your website, optimize content, build quality links and social media marketing.

The most frequently asked questions: How can I rank higher in SEO?

There are probably tens or hundred of ranking factors, but we will discuss the 7 factors that we think most useful for search engine ranking in Malaysia.

  1. HTTPS
  2. Page Speed
  3. Search Intent
  4. Content Depth (Keyword)
  5. User-experience
  6. Topical authority
  7. Backlinks

HTTPS as a ranking signal. Security is a top priority for Google.
– Google Webmaster Central Blog (Wednesday, August 06, 2014)

HTTPS is a ranking factor.

We have seen several industries’ website with https still having first page ranking, most likely it is due to less competition, domain authority and backlinks factors.

Pagespeed improve experience.

Pagespeed affects only 1% of the search queries, but not forgetting that a slow loading website is a frustrating user experience. There are several tools that track the website loading performance and we specialize in Pingdom and GTmetrixThis site explains the differences of each pagespeed tools.

Search intent defines everything

Google mission statement: Our mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. 

Search intent is the purpose of an online search (search query). Google aims to provide users with the most relevant result for their query. Therefore, your website should be able help Google to find your content and rank it – Starter Guide for Beginners.

If your blog for company, make sure it is all about your buyer persona, not you, not your company. Fresh and relevant content to specific audience, content style, content format and content types are those factors are important in terms of seo ranking.

Keyword & Content Depth

Part of the SEO process is using keywords (key-phrases). By knowing the search intent of the keywords and/or understanding the search terms from your pay-per-click campaigns (and conversions), you will know what keywords to be targeted.

In addition, keyword density and distribution in the page title, URL, heading tags, meta title, meta description, image alternative tags and etc are still matters! For competitive industries, you should focus on the long-tail keywords.

If you have no idea on keywords, there are tools such as Google Keyword Planner (free), Ahrefs Keyword Generator (free), KWfinder (paid) , Keyword Tool (paid).

As of how to distribute the keywords, Yoast SEO is recommended. Premium version has more features, such as targeting multiples keywords in one page. Having SEO software doesn’t guarantee ranking, instead it is useful tool for you to know where to optimize the content and keywords.

User-experience boost ranking

Google wants to rank content (website) that offers search users a positive experience. As simple as that. Therefore, you should create easy-to-read content, unique page titles, relevant and useful content, fulfill search intent, well organized navigation & breadcrumb and etc.

For example, don’t use default or vague titles like “Untitled” , “uncategorized” or “New Page 1”. It doesn’t tell anything to neither the crawl bots, nor the users.

Topical Authority

Google wants to rank web-pages that not only have the quality content, but also those pages from authoritative sources. This is clearly mentioned in the Search Engine Optimization Start Guide – Google.

  1. Act in a way that cultivates user trust.
  2. Make expertise and authoritativeness clear

Quality Backlinks As A Ranking Factor

Certainly, backlinks are arguably one of the crucial SEO ranking factors. That’s part of the strategies we used for our website and we are currently ranked on 1st page top 3 ranking for keywords such as “website designer, website developer Malaysia, web design Malaysia, website design packages, seo packages Malaysia, logo designer Malaysia and etc”. In short, Quality backlinks from relevant websites and social media have the biggest impact.

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